Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Most things are clear and sometimes I'm stupid

Not stupid in a goofy way (that's a given) but I have been stupid with my health, I don't want to depend on medicine my entire life and the answers are very clear but I am choosing to take baby steps, I wish I were stronger though. Its ironic enough that I can't eat dairy and I live in Wisconsin, I don't mind being dairy free, but it seems that a lot of things cause my MS flare ups which aren't that bad (mainly surprise numbness somewhere! right now its in my right knee) but I know that things can be better. Its also ironic that I'm a baker and most of the things I make I should NOT eat, I could become one of those people that just bakes for others just to make them happy which would bring me joy as well but c'mon realisticly that's not fun allll the time. Just like the start of being dairy free, this could be a new adventure in the kitchen to come up with new recipes. Right now I am seeing MS triggers as stress and sweets! I plan to take baby steps to figure out MORE about my MS and I'd like to switch to natural sweeteners as well as cut back on gluten. I feel I'm being a little too picky on being "normal" again because I have come across many people that have it way worse than I do but truely everyone does have the answers somewhere. I feel very blessed that I've rebounded very well; I can walk normal, I can see and I can carry my boys.