Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Go With It

WOW its been almost 1 year since I've made a blog entry and so much has changed in what is really a short time. As many know back in May 2010 I went back to giving tours at Cave of the Mounds on the weekends, it was amazing and did so much for me mentally and physically. I have been very fortunate to learn what makes my MS flare up so early in my diagnoses ....dairy, heat, and stress....being in the cool cave again helped me tons, it was really the only environment where I felt like myself and symptom free. It was something I went back to for myself rather than a "job", now as my friends and co-workers know, I am not there anymore, I come and go like like a boomerang at times LOL. My good friends and family know I'm a risk taker, so back in November 2010 Tom and I decided to follow his job down to Kentucky where he had been working for 2 months, that time alone w/ our 3 monsters was quite the adventure ;) Everything happened extremely fast and when it was already a fast decision it ended up happening sooner than we thought. I went into this move excited to see new places and excited meet new people. Moving down to Kentucky I like to joke that we brought the WI snow with us, although we'd consider it a mild WI winter it was still a lot more snow than KY was used to LOL, so w/ lots of snow like were used to, our winter was normal while many new neighbors in their homes...now that its spring time we're slowly meeting people but I'm finding that people are too shy or I'm too outgoing ;) Although we've been very fortunate to have a very nice young family living below us, its been wonderful to go to the park and for walks w/ our kids. Besides our neighbors we haven't been meeting many new people... at least not seeing the same people twice, its such a large complex that people aren't as close as they are when we lived in a small town where everyone knew your name and then some (which was kind of scary sometimes LOL). The boys are doing great as well, they do miss their friends back in WI but only having each other to play with at times has brought them closer as friends and not just brothers.

Back to MS again, I'm still dairy free and having fun making new dairy free recipes and substitutions; I've even built up an aversion to most dairy products, sour cream for example smells terrible to me. Yoga has been a great natural medicine too, stretching beyond and through odd sensations in my body has become a great feeling, rather than avoid these sensations of sometimes tingling or losing my balance I just go with it, my muscles have become stronger and have learned to compensate during these times. Well I'm sure I've said this before but I will try to blog more often, have a great day everyone or if its anything like my recent gap between entries... have a great year!