Monday, October 12, 2009

too many symptoms!

MS is too damn complex! I continue to be surprised by symptoms and things being affected that I would've never considered. I get false skin sensations like hot/cold patches and terribly itchy areas & then actually going to itch makes it WORSE and makes me shiver, its so hard to describe; I could deal if this would just stay at random numbness....I can deal w/ that :P

My balance is still off, my vision is weak & double at times BUT on a good note I am now on medicine which obviously isn't helping anything yet and I am sticking w/ my dairy free diet pretty well.

Blake and Barrett turned 1 one 9/14, we had a nice family party w/ their favorite foods, cupcakes and presents.

Korvin is very excited about turning 3 on 11/17, he wants to have a football party and is looking forward to a football cake too, that will be fun :)

Haven't been out enjoying fall as I normaly would be but the fall harvest has been enjoyed in the kitchen; it has be fun to bake with fresh pumpkin (recently I made pumpkin pancakes !)

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