Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We had a good run at it

In a way I am slowly getting my body back, not anything related w/ MS anyway, that will always have me but what I'm talking about is my babies Blake & Barrett who are weaning from breastfeeding. B&B only nurse at bedtime and take sippies during the day; they are almost 1 years old and I went with child lead weaning....just so happens that they have the same thing in mind with each other...maybe its twin thing weird! LOL

I have mixed feelings because they are my last babies :( I feel very proud that I breastfed twins for 1 year and I am selfishly :P excited to reclaim my body, no more annoying nursing bras, looking forward to smaller boobs, and I won't have to watch what I eat for their sake...only my own.

Maybe the timing is perfect because soon and FINALLY I will be meeting with a neurologist to figure out treatment for my MS and not having to figure out medicine around breastfeeding might be easier.


  1. weaning is so bittersweet isn't it. Interesting that they're of the same mind for the timing. Twins are fascinating!

  2. its crazy how insinc they are w/ EVERYTHING, we tandem nurse and they're usually done at the exact same time too.