Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There's lots of hope

Lately I have felt great! Things are improving everyday, I am now up to the full dose of Rebif as well as taking Gabapentin for current symptoms. I am following through with my goal of hitting MS at different angles, I've changed my diet, do yoga everyday and take medicine. I can break down how all of those help and work together; yoga keeps me flexible and stretched and the areas that may be numb respond in a positive way; I ve cut dairy out of my diet and in the times that I cheated proved that my MS is set off by dairy; and meds...the rebif is a long term medicine that doesn't help with the symptoms I already had but I have noticed LOTS of improvment cause of the Gabapentin, my walking and balance has improved soooo much which was what was bothering me the most.

I feel confident that I will be back to myself if things keep improving like they are. What is "myself"? Answer: very active! I feel that I've figured lots of thing out and lots of little things I can do, I just need to stay on track.

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