Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter is here yet it is not

Officialy it will be winter on Dec.21st BUT it sure feels like winter has come in full force. We just had a big snow storm and got up to 15" and today's high is 16, we have yet to get to todays low even, they say the low is 6 degrees but we've been at about 2 all morning LOL.

Holiday baking has begun! In the last 2 days I've made 7 pies for the freezer, 3 apple and 3 apple pumpkin (which I'm very excited for :) recently I also made an eggnog cream pie, very yummy! My goal is to make my Christmas pies ahead of time when I have the ingrediants on hand, can you tell what I've had an abundance of LOL.

The boys are doing well, Korvin is working his way on to Santa's good list and this Saturday he will see him, Korvin is very excited about all things Christmas this year. Although he's a bit confused, whenever it snows he thinks that it must be Christmas day; we are counting down though with our mouse advent calendar, which is one of my favorite Christmas traditions cause its the same calendar that was at my Grandma's when I was a kid. Blake amd Barrett are doing well, Barrett is more of a talker and Blake is so generous, he's always bringing his brothers their loveys, so sweet.


  1. 15 inches??? Wow! Thats a storm :) Sounds like baking is going well. Wheres our recipes for these pies? Specifically egg nog (yum) and pumpkin apple :)

  2. I am gonna post them today I think, I was a dummy and didn't take a pic of the egg nog pie before I put it in the freezer D'OH but I have another one to make :)