Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The begining...

Is it really the begining who knows? Yes I was recently diagnosed but who knows how long I've actually had it, I can recall before my first pregnancy having tingling in my finger tips but that went away and they say that MS goes into remission often durring pregnancy and well I've had my fair share of that cause when my 1st son was just over 1yr we became pregnant with twins.

What led to me digging deeper was random symptoms that I was experiencing. For awhile I was feeling numb and tingling on the bottoms of my feet, which led me to a chiropractor who showed me I was EXTREMELY out of allignment...OK I can deal with that and it made lots of sense to me cause durring motherhood, I beat my body up pretty bad. After a few adjustments my feet were doing great BUT then along came the tingling sensation in my mouth which then spread to the lower left portion of my face; was this the reaction from the rest of my body being realligned? The adjustments continued and they did nothing for my new problems so back to my Dr I went for more blood tests to see if something more serious was going on. The blood tests all came back normal BUT I was feeling far from normal. I had an MRI done and you can figure out the conclusion of that.

Now I know that MS is serious and you may think I sound like it hasn't hit me, but it has, I've done my crying and now I'm moving on. What good is it going to do me to stay in a "the glass is half empty" state, that would do more bad than anything.


  1. Bri- you are right on. You have to look at it as if your glass was half full. I too was tested for MS. I was thankful and lucky enough to be told my MRI was negative and I have other issues going on, but I too will deal with it. You are such a great mom and you will get through this with that attitude. Good for you for blogging on here and stay strong!!! Tiff

  2. I'm glad you're being truthful and honest with us, and yourself, about this. It's great that you can grow flowers from ashes. Keep it up!

  3. Bri I had no idea, I'm so proud of your attitude you're the kind of person I wish I was! Sending you (((hugs)))) and love! xxx