Thursday, July 30, 2009

How do you tell a toddler you have MS?

Well I don't have the answer to this yet.....

When I first got the news I had MS I started crying, my son Korvin comes up to me and asks "Mommy what's wrong"

I said "mommy's upset"

he replies "Are you upset with Korvin?"

I say "no, honey"

he asks "Are you upset with the babies?"

I reply "no, honey"

he continues....."are you upset with Daddy?"

and once again I say"no honey"

Then finally he asks "Are you upset with yourself?"

I say "I guess I am"

That conversation with Korvin really made me realize that there was no one to be mad at and I needed to take control of how I see my illness and I do have the power to turn my attitude around.

It was a genuine conversation but he is still too little for the facts to "stick" all the time and he has made it clear in his peak of madness that there's no MS card for mom to play, he's still a toddler and I'm the mom.

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