Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my plan and diet changes

Now I plan to hit this at multiple angles (there's that mulitples word again LOL) I feel that successful managment of my MS will come from a good balence of a healthy lifestyle and medicine. I'm not taking any medicine as of yet because it has yet to be determined what the best would be for my situation AND breastfeeding would need to be considered as well for Blake and Barrett (it would have to be safe for my babies too :)

I have done TONS of research on natural approaches to managing MS and alot of people make very big and strict diet changes. Now the connection of "you are what you eat" makes a lot of sense to me, I've always been a very healthy eater but I do have a sweet tooth because of my passion for baking. So I've started experimenting on what I eat to see what may causes my MS to flare up and what diet makes me feel the best; right now I am cutting out dairy because of reading some interesting research connecting dairy products to MS. Now that may not be for everybody that has MS because the illness is very complex and everyone has different cases. So far I am thinking my recent diet change is doing me some good, I am also trying to eat as basic and natural as I can, who says you need to add a bunch of stuff to your fruits and veggies....call it going back to a stone age style diet :)

NOW this doesn't mean I'm gonna stop baking, I am just going to be creative and lean to the healthier side. I am determined to make a good cheesecake that I can still enjoy.

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