Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not as graceful as I use to be :P

Another common symptom for me is I am off balance.....sometimes I feel that its very obvious and wonder if I just look tipsy/drunk when I'm out walking with my boys but little do onlookers know...this mom isn't gonna wake up with a hangover its just MS LOL. That feeling is one of my "new normals" that I am getting use to, my mind is completely there and not spacey unlike someone who might actually be drunk, sorry I love that comparison, it cracks me up :)
Also before I knew it was MS I'd sometimes get dizzy when doing my pilates, that really bugged me because I really enjoyed doing them and it brought me comfort but I didn't know what was going on; I didn't know if maybe I was about to pass out, so I started not exercising as much. Its a lot more reassuring now cause I DO know what I have and whats going on with me. I am able to continue doing what I do and I just take my time now and I'm more aware of my body. My pilates will continue because I have done research that yoga and pilates are GREAT for MS, its very important to keep exercising and those types of exercises keep the mind and body in check and the controlled stretches are great for muscles; some people even keep their symptom at bay with pilates and yoga.

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