Wednesday, December 16, 2009

well I don't have quads just bad eyes :P

I had an opthomologist appt. today, I was warned that it was going to be long (approx 3 HOURS!) I should've been warned that doctors underestimate, it took 5 HOURS :( it was crazy boring and annoying. My 1st wait in between Dr's was the longest; I am always busy thinking about thing but this was nuts, I had the questions going through my head "Did they forget about me?"..."Did I miss something?"..."Am I supposed to know to go somewhere else? ect... and it didn't help that I heard busy commotion outside the door like a well timed intricate system that I WASN'T apart of :( I'm sure your curious on why I was there in the first place? I have been having lots of vision problems and my eyes seeing double at random and the distance on which doubling starts would fluctuate too, sometimes I could see well 15ft before I saw double, others times I only had 2ft. So by the end of this appt. my eyes were more tired and irritated than ever; they put dye in my eyes, dilated them, numbed them, did an ultrasound and took pictures! My eyes are now adjusting to a prism in my left lens of my glasses in hopes to get my problem corrected; the Dr also reviewed my MRI pictures and believes that a lesion in my brain (due to MS) is affecting my left eye. My wonderful husband came along for the appt. as well, cause driving is practically impossible for me right now unless I cover one eye (that's a little dangerous don't you think?), I felt so bad for him waiting and waiting for my endless appt to be over AND to top that off he made me dinner tonight too, he's amazing and I love him so much.

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