Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dairy isn't my friend anymore :(

So I've been experimenting with foods to see what kinds of food bug my MS and I decided to go dairy FREE, its been a pretty easy switch, the hardest part is cheese! C'mon, I am from Wisconsin, giving up cheese is tough but I did it! Over the weekend I had plans with friends and I thought it'd be fine to treat myself, I made a cheesecake for a mini baby shower for my friend Kate (had a slice of the brownie swirl cheesecake) and then my family and I were invited over by friends for a cookout (where I also enjoyed some cheese) 2 treats ended up being a bad/good was bad that when I went to bed my MS was acting up but it was GOOD that I now know that dairy does bother MS for me.

Like I said, its really not a hard switch, I have been playing in the kitchen and testing some of my recipes to see if they still taste as good when using Soy Milk instead of whole milk; I have found that I really enjoy my homemade chocolate pudding (pictured) when using soy milk (tasted like warm brownie batter, YUM) and I can still make my homemade alfredo sauce using soy!

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