Thursday, August 20, 2009

4yrs of Marriage!

Happy anniversary to the love of my life Tom :) We've been married 4yrs now and WOW look at where we are now.

I expected that we'd have a kid or 2 but 3 in 4 yrs kinda blows my mind a little, although we did hit a buy one get one free special with Blake & Barrett LOL . I never expected that I'd be dealing with MS either and now I have my days where my body feels way older than it is and now I just look back at how healthy I use to feel 4yrs ago or even 1 year ago. Still very positive though and still coping naturally, no meds yet, which has me curious if whatever I end up on will make me feel much different than what things have been like lately.....numbness/ tingling in random spots, joint weakness, and fatigue. Heat takes its toll on me and I notice a big change on the cooler and breezy days. Today is pleasant, we had light rain in the morning just like on our wedding day, which brought smiles and great memories.

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