Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some multiple are peaceful

No lie, unlike MS with its random little surprises, my twins Blake and Barrett deserve a little bragging. I like to call them B&B for short and they are such great and amazingly GOOD babies! Soon my babies will be 1 and its been a very smooth ride with them. They're very curious boys that love to just crawl around and explore at home, they sleep well and wake up so happy, and when were out and about with them in the stroller they are are very patient and content. As I was nursing them before putting them to bed last night I couldn't help but think how they see their older brother Korvin, I picture him as a CRAZY reality show to them and I hope they're thinking "I won't do that when I'm his age". LOL

Most people would probably think that its twins that keep me on my toes but its actually my toddler, honestly he is a tight ball of energy that is going and going non stop and that direction he's going in is usualy to something naughty. Korvin is so smart and advanced for his age, I'm proud to say he knows his alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and all those other basics but only if he could learn from all the naughty things I have to stop him from doing alllll the time, things would be fantastic!

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